Thursday, December 17, 2009

Map Quest Dress

After this post by The Clothes Horse I just had to try my luck at finding a wearable map-printed-dress. So off to Etsy I trudged - and look what I found!

(click on the photo to be taken to it's Etsy page)

Too bad it's out of my price range at $200. Maybe if I find some map-printed fabric Heather would help me make one...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fun Week End

Dress - Merona
Tights - Kohls
Boots - Thrifted
Sweater - Kohls
Belt - Thrifted

Tee Shirt - Walmart
Jeans - So...
Ballet Flats - Kohls
Jacket - From a Neighbor

White Shirt - Limited Too
Red Plaid Dress - Thrifted
Jeans - So...
Ballet Flats - Kohls

White Blouse - Kohls
Cardigain - Vintage
Jeans - So
Brown Heels - Kohls

Well, this is what happens when I go away for a week end - I end up coming back with more outfit pictures than is good for me. *sighs*

But I did really have a lovely week end. It was my family's Christmas party, and this was the first year I participated in the white elephant. My reward was a lovely 1980's wedding gown with a lacy, high necked collar, and long, lacy sleeves - it even had a veil! It fit me perfectly, and my five year old cousin told me that I was "more than pretty." (He's so cute!)

I got to wear the dress to a friends party later that night, and had a great time! It was a role playing party and I went as my character, Audra. It was fun to act like her, though I kind of wished I had gone as a more talkative character, like Audra's friend Gordana - still, it was fun! Several hours into it I looked at Molly, and suddenly realized that we had both been talking with a British accent without even noticing! We both found this very funny - especially as Audra is from the fictional country of Ilonia, and Molly's character was from Missouri!

And then of course there were several birthday presents, as my sixteenth birthday is this Friday, and I won't be able to see most of my family till sometime next year. I think, however, that I shall save that, and write about all my presents on/after my birthday. Right now I need to get to bed...

~ Katie

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day

Shirt - Thrifted
Purse - Thrifted
Jeans - So...
Ballet Flats - Kohls
Belt - Thrifted
Necklace - Plato's Closet

I had the idea to use this skirt as a shirt several months ago, but didn't have the courage to try until recently. I put a white tee-shirt under it because I didn't want to wear a sleeveless shirt, and the belt gives it a waist. :)

We were supposed to have snow storms yesterday, but after half a day of flurries had collected on the ground it rained. Luckily today we got some more snow. Now the ground is covered in a mixture of slippery slush/ice and snow. Earlier today, before it snowed again, it felt like spring - I wish it were. I don't know what I shall do once it gets too cold for me to venture outside to take pictures. I'm nearly freezing as it is, and I have a strange inkling that my cold is due to my going outside without a coat on...

But the snow is lovely, and reminds me of last November when I was writing my NaNoWriMo novel, Audra. that was the first, and - to date - only novel I've ever finished. I still don't know how exactly I did it - the characters just sort of took over. I put a part of myself into all of them and "all I could do was trot along behind them with a paper and pencil trying to keep up long enough to put down what they said and did."

I would sit in my room as the rain/snow fell outside my window and write away - it was so peaceful (most of the time). For once I was finally able to put some my thoughts and emotions down on paper. I still miss it...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Advancing Backwards

I once heard that in the days of the Revolutionary War, when the patriot army was loosing, that George Washionton said they were not retreating, they were simply advancing backwards. Well, I'd like to find some way to adopt that saying for my NaNoWriMo experience this year. It was rather awful - I only got halfway.

The strange thing is - I don't mind. In the past year I have written a first draft of Audra, and edited it to the third draft. I think I deserved a break! And I had a great month even without NaNoWriMo. I got to talk with my best friend/unofficially adopted sister, Heather, a lot this past month, which was really nice, and then she got to come for Thanksgiving, which was a blast!

And speaking of Heather, here is a re-creation of the outfit I wore that day to pick her up. I've decided that I'd like to keep a sort of picture-diary of my favorite outfits to keep the memories, since at some point the clothes will wear out.

Shirt - Thrifted (it's actually maternity!)
Jeans - So..
Ballet Flats - Kohls
Necklace - Vintage

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well as you can see I've made some changes - I've finally got around to fixing all the pictures on my blog (yes, that guy really freaked me out), and taken off my screen name - since I have decided to make this my main blog.

So, yes, it is still me, and I am still going to blog about fashion, I'm just going to blog about the rest of my life as well.