Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tips on Re-styling Your Wardrobe

Forever 21 tee - $10.80

My style has changed a lot over the past couple years, so I this season I unfortunately found myself with little clothes that still fit my style. Luckilly, however, I have had a steady income the past few weeks and have been able to revamp my wardrobe. Here my suggestions for anyone looking to greatly update their wardrobe:

1. Make a list.
When I decided I needed to re-style my wardrobe I made a list of everything I wanted and how many of them (example: 1 Pair of dark skinny jeans that fit well; 3 Pairs of strait cut jeans that fit well - light wash, medium wash and dark wash; 3 Colored camisoles; 1 Black Leather jacket; etc)

2. Look for versatile pieces that you can mix and match in different ways.
This will probably depend on your style - what is versatile for one person will not necessarily be versatile for someone else, but there are some generals. Tee shirts, for one. Forever 21, and Old Navy both have great, inexpensive tee shirts and other simple pieces, I find.

Old Navy ballet flats - $19.50

3. Get some nice accessories.
It’s amazing how new and fresh a new necklace can make and old tee shirt. Accessories can make the old, uninspiring clothes you have more interesting and can prompt you to create new combinations you never would have thought of otherwise.

4. Shop online.
I find that if I shop online, or at least find pieces that will work well in my wardrobe online and then get them in the store that I get less distracted by that beautiful - albeit not very practical - pair of six in high platform oxford heels. :D

5. Plan ahead.
What will you bee needing most in the next few weeks? What can you afford to get in that time? If you need some nice tee shirts now in the heat of summer, and are short on money, this may not be the best time to get that black leather jacket you have been wanting - even if you know you will use it lots.

Forever 21 headband - $4.80

And lastly, some of my favorite stores while re-vamping my wardrobe:
Forever 21 - inexpensive tees, inexpensive accessories, and great sale items!
Old Navy - inexpensive, versatile pieces.
Charlotte Ruse - inexpensive, really pretty accessories.
H&M - inexpensive basic pieces and accessories
And of course, thrift stores are always great!

I hope this helps anyone out there who may find it!


  1. I read your blog and the tips (ideas) to revamp the wardrobe is quite good. I liked that white tee though and is sure to be owned.

  2. What more colors are there for ballet flats? Also do you ship overseas?