Friday, July 24, 2009


I am aware that I am in need of a new post, especially when I have been so blessed as too receive two wonderful awards. I do appreciate them, please don't think that I'm not appreciative just because I haven't posted about them yet. It's just, well, how is one to think of fashion, and fashion blogging when one is having the best time of writing in three years? For once I love my story, and my characters more than any of my friends'. Plus, I'm actually on a third draft of my novel - and this is coming from the same girl who used to change her plot every two weeks. :D
But, I shall try to be a better fashion blogger despite my burst of inspiration for my novel. I'll try to post at least once a week, and I'll try to comment on all of your lovely blogs, too. :)

And now, on to the awards!

The first award is from KellyAnne of Kaleidoscopic Refrains. I'm very grateful to her for this award. It is my first award, and I'm very surprised at that, it took me months to get my first award on my other blog, and that's coming from a very small, welcoming blogging community. And it's very fitting that my first award should come from KellyAnne. She was the first person to start regularly checking my Chictopia page, and the first to comment, and regularly comment, on my blog. I'm very grateful to her for that as well. I don't know if I would have kept blogging if not for her. :)
In passing this award on, I'm trying not to award people who already have it. If I do, I'm sorry. If I don't award you, that's probably just because you already have it, or I think you do. :D
The Clothes Horse
Diary of a Young Designer
Blooming Leopold
Some Girls Wander

The other award is from Kirsty of Giggly-Cupcake. I was surprised to get this one, too, especially when I haven't updated in so long. This one, too, is also appreciated, and it's so cute! I'm so very happy to have gotten it. Now I'm passing it on to:
In Bug's Drawers
Strawberry Koi
Penelope Nightingale
A Cat of Impossible Color

Once again, thank you both for these blogs. I'm so happy to have received them. When I started this blog less than two months ago, I was lucky to get two comments. And now, such a short time later, my last post has eleven! I'm so glad to know that people actually like my blog. Before I was commenting on so many peoples blogs and seemed like I was just getting ignored (except by KellyAnne. ;-] ). So thanks everyone! I really will try to post and comment more.

~ Caitie

And it was very nice to see that at least someone appreciates my blog,


  1. Awww thanks so much for the award!!! You are the sweetest and have such a cute blog. I have been meaning to add you to my blog list - going do it right now, lol :)

    Thanks again!!

  2. Thanks Caitie! I'm so happy for you...and can't wait to hear more about that vintage/candy store you told me about:)

  3. Aw, thanks for the award. Some affirmation on a blog is always appreciated. :)

  4. COngrats!! And thanks for sharing the award with my blog!


  5. You have a beautiful blog - i just found it!! Congrats on the award, you totally deserve it :)

  6. Thank you so much Caitie for the blog award! That is so very kind of you! You have made my day! :)

    I will write about this when I next post :)

    You are very welcome, you are a deserving person for both the awards and I just LOVE your blog! :)

    Thanks again,