Monday, August 3, 2009

Hello Again Chaos, I hope you enjoy your stay!

Well with working on my writing, and getting ready for my friend, Heather to come, I've just not had any time to post. In fact, I've barely even had time, or desire, to try anything different with my wardrobe. I haven't been to a thrift store for several weeks, and except for a hat I got in Caledonia, MO, I've not got any new clothes since the beginning of July.

But this week a change will come. My dear friend, Heather, is coming for a ten day long visit. She's one of those friends that can't be considered an "old" friend - I've only known her a little over a year and a half - but nonetheless you can't imagine living without. I met her online, and was blessed enough to be able to meet her last August. Since then we have exchanged around a half a dozen phone calls, and have texted/emailed each other nearly everynight. And now she is coming for a visit. :D I'm so excited.

What's really funny about us being friends is that we're totally opposite. Part of the chorus for Taylor Swift's You belong With Me says:
"She wears high heels,
"I wear sneakers."
And it sounds just like Heather and I. She's the tom boy, I'm the girly-girl. Lately, though, she has had an interest in fashion. She "wants to look like a young Christian girl, not just somebody who woke up and put on a sweatshirt and skirt because it was near by." She's been asking me for advice and now I'm sooo excited to be able to go to the mall with her - not to mention put some make up on her! :D

This week promises to be a an exciting, adventourous one. Full of mistakes, chaos, confusion and all other manner of things that come when one is spending a week in a house with five crazy young girls (did I mention my friends Molly and Anna were also spending a week with us?). Outitings - the zoo, the city, the renaissance fair, the mall, etc. - fashion descusions, geek fests, and make-up test runs shall not be in short supply. The past few nights I have been testing make-up styles (vintage, of course) on my little sister (much to her annoyance - I can't understand why she didn't like being made up as a flapper and sixties girl!) and I am looking forward to having some new guinea pigs. ;)

In other news, I regret to announce that I shall no longer show my face on this blog, or on Flickr. I shall still post pictures of my outfits, but my face will be blacked out/covered up in some way in all of them. This has nothing to do with my wonderful, loyal readers, but some creep who found me on Flickr.
"He's a creep on a creep train headed for creep island where they drink creep nectar out of creep coconuts!"
He was kind enough to send me a very disturbing message describing me in ways I could have gone my whole life without being described! He meant it as a compliment, but it was not received as one. I've never posted pictures of me - or even dressed - in a way to attract men and boys attentions, and his certainly were unwanted. Once again, this has nothing to do with my readers, I love you all to pieces and wish I could still post pictures as I have before, but this creeps message made me realize that I need to bump up my security on here. Thank you all bearing with this change.

~ Caitie


  1. I'm so sorry about that creep! I know that several other bloggers have decided to close their Flickr accounts because of creeps like that. It's such a shame. Why do some men have to be like that!

    But anyways, I've come across your blog before, but not sure that I've ever commented, and I saw it mentioned on Giggly Cupcake's blog, so remembered to check it out again. But anyways, I think it's just lovely!

  2. Ive had the same issues, sorry to hear that you had to face that.

  3. That's rough, I am so sorry to hear all of this! I get quite a bit of weirdies bother me on Flickr as well... at least once a day in fact. As wonderful as FLickr is, it has it's darkside.

  4. Yay for meeting friends in real life from online. I totally understand about the creepy flickr people, now i check everyone - people commenting, adding me as a contact or people adding my pics as favourites.