Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'll just write a short post now, because it's late, but I felt the need to post. At the moment I am hating summer. I know it sounds weird, who hates summer, right? We get out of school, and the weather is nice. But it also throws off ones schedule, and I am not dealing well with that.

I'm scrambling to finish school for the year, which is difficult, especially because I am already a little behind. My room hasn't been able to stay clean for longer than two hours at a time for the past week or two. And I am trying to get a balance in my wardrobe. I think I've mentioned before that I'm kind of just coming out of a very trendy phase. Well, the thing is, I still like some more modern clothes, but I like the vintage look. It's more me. I'm a very old fashioned person, and I like dressing in a way that expresses that. But I am wondering how to incorporate my modern pieces in with other pieces to get a vintage-y look.

On top of that the whole taking pictures of my outfits thing is really stressing me out. I like photography, but not self photography. It is difficult and I don't like having to have pictures everyday. But I like being able to show my outfits, and have a catalog of sorts with them all.

So anyway, I am very confused, and if anyone has any advice (if anyone besides KelleyAnne is reading this, that is, which I doubt) I'd really appreciate it!

~ Caitie

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  1. Have you seen the blog She incorporates vintage and modern pieces, maybe you'll get some ideas from her "what I wore" posts.