Friday, June 5, 2009


My style has changed a lot these past months. This past winter I was in a very trendy phase. I wore jeans almost everyday, rarely venturing into a dress, and I wore a lot of eye make up.
Now I'm doing a much more natural make up look, and wearing dresses almost everyday. I've bought three new dresses in the past month (which is a lot for me) my mom asked me if I have enough the other day, and I said no. I would still like to get some more, particularly because I don't like all the ones I have.

So I've begun to look at ebay. And look what I found!

They're all beautiful, but I am absolutely in love with the last one! I love the ruffles on top and the big, purple satin bow. The whole dress has a very 1950's look to it, which I love! I am determined to get it! Hopefully I can put a bid in tomorrow after I mow my neighbors yard. :D

~ Caitie


  1. Oh, you're right that last one is quite beautiful. The colors and ruffles are fantastic. They're all very pretty though. I can't wait to see photos of your new dresses!

  2. (oh and thanks so much for adding my blog to your list!:)