Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thrift Store

After seeing all the lovely things KellyAnne, PenelopeNightingale, and Liebemarlene have gotten at thrift stores, I could not rest until I, too had tried my luck. So I straightaway dragged my mom down to the near-by good will, and viola!

Sorry the pics are bad, I'll get better ones when I actually wear the stuff. :)

None of it is vintage, but I am pretty happy with it.
The light blue one looks very
much like a dress from the regency time (early 1800's) when on. And I the navy blue one (that is navy, not black) one will be so cute when I get the top taken in.
The skirt on the other hand, fits perfectly, though it needs a

snap sewn on, which I can do in just a couple minutes. I'm hoping to wear it to church tomorrow.

And as for the dress I was hoping to bid on, I decided not to. It was just a couple inches too short for my liking, and besides, I just spent the money on said dresses and skirt (along with a purse and candle holder which I'm not posting).

I was going to post my outfit for today, but instead, I'll just give you the link to it on Chictopia.

~ Caitie

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  1. Great finds! I really like the blue one alot and actually found a grey skirt kind of like yours a few weeks ago. Its so much fun, isn't it?