Friday, June 12, 2009

What a Day

Today is a perfectly happy Enya-sort-of-day! Some of her music is very calm and peaceful, the sort of stuff I want on a grey and rainy day when I feel to lazy to do anything. But some of her music is so happy, and (sort of) upbeat, that I just have to dance to it! That's the kind of music I want on days like this! It's not loud and obnoxious, but it's up beat and - happy!

Today is a joyous day. I got my iPod back, after being grounded from it for a week. *hugs it* Because my lap top is all messed up I wasn't able to listen to much music all week, so I am very glad to have it back now! I listened to it the whole time I got dressed and did my make up for the family birthday part today. It's for my sister, my dad, and my uncle. It's nothing fancy, but I put on a dress anyway, since I have been loving dresses lately! :D The only problem was that the two dresses I wanted to wear were both dirty. :( One of which I stupidly wore yesterday. But it didn't matter in the end, because I raided my closet and came up with and outfit that I love!

Shirt - Deliahs
Skirt - Merona (I should do a whole series on different ways I can wear this skirt! :D)
Scarf - My sisters
Shoes - Charlotte Ruse
Ring - Gift Shop
Earrings - A gift from my Kiwi friend
Headband - Who knows. Target?

The twirly pictures are me dancing to Storms in Africa. My mom always tells me I dance like a nymph, all twirly, but I can't help it! I don't know any "real" dances, but I must move somehow! I'm just so happy! It's finally warm today, I have music again, and I have a lovely outfit!

That's part of what I love about this outfit. The colors are so bright and summery and happy! They totally fit my mood today!

The colors remind me of this dress, and the style of this outfit reminds me of this one.

Edit: I got several compliments on this outfit today, which always makes me feel good! Someone (either my grandma, or my great-grand-aunt, I can't remember which) asked if it was one piece! :D All and all this outfit did all I wanted! Provided a nice alternative to a summery, floral dress like the ones I've seen on Modcloth, since I can't get one yet. And was comfortable too!


  1. the color of your top is really nice!

  2. What a beautiful blouse...I love the sleeves and the color:) Great pictures!